April 16th

Good Day!

One business item, and then the rest will be personal, with a part of it just entertainment.

For those of you who are now, or this year will, take a Required Minimum Distribution from your IRA or 401(k) account, you should know that the IRS has suspended the requirement for distribution this year. We assume it will start again next year. This goes for all of it, if you have not started distributing, or the remaining part of it, if you have begun. If you have questions, please call us. If you wish not to receive them, let us know as soon as you can.

This rest of this missive is both entertainment (above) and personal (below). The video came to me Tuesday, and, despite doing so is rather out of character for me, I decided to risk it and send it out to you. I think it is clever and upbeat. (Dig the dog.) Who cannot use a bit of a smile, or even a laugh?

We have heard no news from any of you to the contrary, so we at DHR continue to believe that all of you – our clients and your families – have remained free of the virus – “asymptomatic,” as we say. I hope that is true. If you will permit me a personal note, and since all those of you with whom we have spoken lately have inquired – here is the update on the health of the DHR staff. Shari, is currently working remotely from Utah. Her daughter Shelby, husband and extended family are in good shape. We pray it will continue. Robin and Shannon are also working remotely, but from their Northern California homes. Robin lives on her own in Oakland and Shannon in Discovery Bay. Shannon’s family is in good health. Her husband serves as a Regional Director for DaVita, a health care company, so he is working even harder than Shannon herself. Louise and I live, work and drive to-and-fro alone together, so are always “sheltered in place.” We all obey the protocols, eat and sleep well – and miss the social life!

We have given our staff the day off this Friday. Markets will close, so that is a good reason to give hard working people some additional free time. For Louise, the best part of Easter has been watching grandchildren, ages 2 – 5, hunt for (and finding!) the hidden eggs. Louise has a lot of fun hiding them. (Some remain hidden.) Sadness in the absence.

This week has brought surprisingly positive events, in both the spread of the virus and the performance of the stock market. I fear these prices just represent skirmishes in the war – not even battles, just small advances. We do take hope from the health care advances in Oakland, Alameda County and California, in beginning to contain the spread.

Although we can never really know why something happened in the stock market, there is a good chance that the week’s bump-up is a temporary event. If so, we can expect selling to return. Q2 has negative economic forecasts. Be ready.

I close with a wish for a happy holiday and peace to each and all of you. Thanks for being part of DHR’s “family.”

Davis, Louise and Shannon

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