April 24th

Hello Folks!

We hope the coming weekend sunny atmosphere bring good news and good luck to you all. Today, Friday, I have been thinking that its funny how things go quiet when the market goes up! It is wonderful to see the levels rising again. It makes life feel more like the current season – spring! An old sports saw says that winning is nice, but losing builds character, to which a gruff player responded: “Maybe so and that’s what they say, but I’ve got all the character I need.” Well, if financial adversity builds character, we can say the same thing, can we not? But, on the other hand, (Is there no such thing as a one-handed economist?) winning a game does not predict a season without losses. The market will go down again. It might do so soon and it might go down a lot, like the last decline. Forecasted economic numbers and situations do not look good. We must hope for the best and plan for the worst.

How do we plan for the worst? Three steps. 1) Assess the need for and create the liquidity needed to provide income through the trough. We would say to plan on a trough of 18 months; 2) Think about your goals and assess the financial needs they present. Time frame is critical. Compare the relationship of the allocation in the investment portfolio to the timing of your goals. We recommend dialog with DHR to do this; 3) Remember your long range plans and strategy and, if they still describe your portfolio, promise to yourself the discipline of staying in place. We are here for any and all of this, as you wish.

Having said that, and we believe that the above “that” is very important, I will say no more, other than that the accompanying video (4+ minutes) is quite entertaining. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Be Safe!

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