Our Clients

Certain experiences in life are much easier to manage with qualified professional help.

When meeting us for the first time, many of DHR’s clients arrive concerned or even panicked about a challenging financial situation. We help sort it out, address it and solve it. Then we create a plan to achieve their goals. Long-term relationships with our clients allow us to follow their progress and make adjustments to support their success.

Young Families and Professionals

Steve and Sandra were both employed and doing well financially when they had their first child. They were educated in their respective fields, but not so much about money. As young parents, they knew it was time to do some planning, but they lacked the skills to manage and grow their financial assets and didn’t particularly want to spend their precious family time thinking about money. But they needed an investment portfolio and plans for retirement. When their second child was born, they wanted to set up college savings plans for their children, make sure they had appropriate insurance, and finally buy their own house. They needed someone to coordinate all the various financial aspects of their lives and make sure everything was in place, so they could make decisions without having to worry whether they were “missing” something.

DHR can create a comprehensive financial portfolio and coordinate your other advisors to integrate all the financial facets of your life into one cohesive story, with you as the CEO. You’ll receive expert advice and guidance in structuring estates, long-term planning for¬†college and retirement, and facilitate tax issues, insurance, and wills and trusts.

Life Planning

Susan, an unmarried professional woman, received a substantial inheritance. Even though it was expected, the financial shift gave Susan a whole new perspective on life. She could erase all her debt, consider new job options, and plan for a comfortable and exciting retirement.

After working many years to establish himself in his field, Joseph accepted a new job with stock options. The company “took off” and Joseph’s stock options were suddenly worth millions. It was exciting at the moment, but he knew he needed to diversify in order to protect his new assets against unexpected losses.

If you’ve reached mid-career and have established yourself in your profession, life can be very busy. DHR specializes in the kind of comprehensive financial management services that free you to focus on your career, with confidence that your wealth is being carefully stewarded and protected.

Women in Transition

Amanda’s divorce was painful and left her on her own without experience managing finances or assets. She had to consider joining the workforce again to support her family and lifestyle. Amanda needed guidance and support, but she also needed an advocate to stand with her in difficult situations with her ex-husband. Over time, she learned how to understand her own finances and grow as an independent investor.

Anna lost her husband to a heart attack and had no knowledge or preparation to take over the family finances. In addition to sorting out all of the details of the financial picture, Anna had to learn about the family trust and how to live within it. She also had to learn how to manage assets according to both her and her late husband’s wishes.

DHR can help you develop the skills you need to manage your finances independently and successfully.

Retirement Planning

Dominick owned a business that had been in the family for generations. He thought he had succession and retirement all figured out and was eagerly planning to hand the business over to the next generation. When the recession hit, he suddenly panicked that he was going to run out of money twelve years into retirement. He needed an objective, confidential partner to gather and integrate his portfolio, understand his goals, make a plan, and set him up for a comfortable retirement with the ability to provide an inheritance for his children.

Thomas had served in public life most of his career. He had amassed a substantial estate but had never had time to develop expertise in managing his personal finances. He and his wife were anxious and confused by too much financial advice from too many different sources. They needed a more coherent approach, as well as practical education about important financial issues like community property, taxes, insurance, retirement planning, and real estate. They didn’t know how much they could spend to protect their estate and still have fun in retirement. They needed clarity, organization, and processes for decision-making. But most of all, they needed peace of mind.

DHR can help you understand your goals for retirement, develop a plan for achieving them, and build the confidence to enjoy the special time you’ve earned.