Asset Allocation

The three traditional allocation categories are stocks, bonds, and cash; newer categories include REITs “Real Estate Investment Trusts”. We approach investing using index like mutual funds from fund families like Vanguard and Dimensional Fund Advisors.

Asset allocation has become much more complicated in recent years and has a greater impact on long-term performance than any other single factor.

DHR can help you make many important decisions when building a portfolio, such as:

  • How much should be invested in each category?
  • Among stock investments, how much should be placed in domestic stocks, international stocks and real estate stocks
    How much should be in stocks of large companies and how much in small companies?
  • DHR will coordinate your retirement plan held in Employer Plans with accounts held at Charles Schwab and Company providing you with an overview of all your accounts. Your portfolio should tell one story.
  • We also consider the tax consequences of your investments, especially those in employer-sponsored retirement plans, personal IRA accounts, irrevocable trusts, and personally-owned investment accounts. We’ll place each investment in its optimal tax location.

According to your personal situation, investment time frame, and risk tolerance, DHR will work with you to create the optimal blend of investments to help you meet your long term goals and objectives.