Investment Selection process

DHR Investment Selection process

DHR’s investment discipline uses the most thoroughly studied and trusted investment strategy in the world: indexation. No other strategy has been so rigorously and thoroughly examined by so many for so long. Its claims, methods, advantages, drawbacks, and results have attracted the attention of academics, economists, theoreticians, practitioners, and investors for over 60 years.

“Index mutual funds” provide several distinct and important advantages to you as an investor: broad diversification, low costs, and lower taxes. Indexing will reliably deliver the return of the market, making it a superior long-term strategy. Your DHR portfolio will include funds offered by two top investment companies that provide indexed portfolios, The Vanguard Funds Group, and Dimensional Fund Advisors.

DHR chooses only investment firms with the highest levels of integrity. We study carefully before investing and continually examine the firms with whom we do business.