Resources to Help You Make the Right Financial Decisions

DHR employs a vast array of resources in the service of our clients. We also constantly research and discover new sources of information and insight. We offer access to a selection of them for our clients and visitors.

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Books and Publications

Capital Ideas
Peter Bernstein

Against the Gods
Peter Bernstein

The Intelligent Investor
Benjamin Graham

Common Sense on Mutual Funds
John Bogle

Investment Policy: How to Win the Loser's Game
Charles D. Ellis

Why Smart People Make Big Money Mistakes
Gary Belsky & Thomas Gilovich

Index Mutual Funds: Profiting from an Investment Revolution
W. Scott Simon

Earn More (Sleep Better) The Index Fund Solution
Burton Malkiel & Richard Evans

A Random Walk Down Wall Street
Burton Malkiel

Stocks for the Long Run
Jeremy Siegel

The Number
Lee Eisenberg

The Right Way to Hire Financial Help
Charles Jaffe

A Mathematician Plays the Stock Market
John Paulos

Money and the Meaning of Life
Jacob Needleman

Bogle on Mutual Funds
John Bogel

John Bogel on investing
John Bogel

Stay the Course The story of Vanguard and the Index Revolution
John Bogel

The Evolution of Vanguard Advisor’s Alpha: From Portfolios to People
John Bogel