Coordination Services

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DHR’s comprehensive wealth management service includes facilitating communication between you and your other financial professionals.

DHR specializes in managing investment portfolios. Of course, you’ll consult other specialists for tax advice, legal advice, insurance, and real estate transactions.

As we study your individual situation, we can see when expert help is needed in a particular area and recommend that you seek appropriate professional advice. Often, we’ll have joint conferences with your other advisors to ensure we all share a common understanding of your situation, needs and, goals.

For example, an annual conference in the fall with you and your accountant helps us all identify opportunities for tax savings before year-end. We’ll organize this meeting, make sure your tax professional has the relevant portfolio information, and prompt you to gather any other information he or she needs.

We’ll also hold periodic meetings to review your situation with your estate planning attorney and insurance agents. We will set the calendar, arrange the meeting, prepare and follow up.

DHR’s coordination service positions you to get maximum value from all your advisors without adding layers of unnecessary cost. It also means that you no longer have to worry about “getting around to it.” You’ll have a schedule, a process and a professional office to manage it all for you.

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Coordination Services